N°8 - Summary

N°8 - Summary

The recorded Global Warming on the planet is only compatible with two limit hypotheses:

Global Warming is “observed” from space, which at the moment does not appear to be corroborated by the measures obtained with weather balloons:

Global Warming is due to the absorption of an additional heating power coming from the sun. For an increase of 0.5 [K], the additional power is currently 60 times greater than what we consume. For the announced temperature increase of at least 2 [K], the ratio amounts to 250.

The planet must increase in temperature to be able to evacuate this considerably large surplus of energy.

The recorded Global Warming would be too large to be explained only by a variation in solar activity. The absorption coefficient of the atmosphere would therefore have increased. This scenario would be the most appalling because the power reserve from the sun is ...
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